Meep is a word that has no single meaning, instead having ANY meaning you want, or mean absolutely NOTHING at all. Whatever it means, a lot of people use it for everyday purposes

Beginning of an EraEdit

People started using the word when a new bird was discovered in 1894. Unlike other birds, instead of chirping, it said, "Meep." It was then called the Meep Bird. It was the only one of its kind, so the discoverers placed it in a giant pickle jar and fed it paper mach`e bananas.

Popularity Rises Edit

After seeing the bird on the news, kids started driving their parents crazy by meeping (saying meep). Parents banned their kids from saying the word, but they instead threw bananas into their parents' room out of anger. Eventually, meep spread to schools, parks, and basically, THE ENTIRE WORLD!

Extinction of the Meep BirdEdit

After a year of annoyance, the Meep Bird escaped from its pickle jar. After 5 glorious seconds, a hunter shot the bird with a paintball gun, which kills it, and then removed the pickles that grew on its back. After learning about the bird's death, kids mourned. No one meeped. Not even once.

Meep Rises AgainEdit

After 5 meepless years, llamas started hypnotizing people on TV by meeping. Now meep means to give your pickles to the llamas . If you say it, you're basically saying, ' Give your pickles to the llaaaaamas .' It's still fun to meep. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!! :D

The end.


  • Greetings
  • Annoying people
  • Placeholders for bad words ex:What the MEEP?
  • Acronyms ( Mindless Evil Elephant Poop)
  • Randomly said word with no meaning
  • interjection
  • a random object
  • SCREAM!!!
  • a command to give all of the pickles to the llamas
  • a demonic word used by llamas to hypnotize people into giving away their pickles
  • Talking to pickles in their own language


  • Meep backwards is peem.
  • It is an unknown word, but not gibberish.
  • It has been recently discovered that pickles speak Meepish.
  • It has appeared in various media.

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